Introducing the band, Sweet Plot

Sweet Plot
Sweet Plot’s found a winner with its recipe for funkified musical gumbo: Equal parts Rock n’ Roll, Bay Area Funk, and California Soul, the group’s timeless tunes cultivate the best of tradition with their organic yet refined style.
Fresh off a very successful international tour, the band has been gaining traction, not only in its home town of San Francisco, but abroad as well. Their debut mixtape “Interstate Plot” provided a taste of what is going to come, and left fans hungry for more; awaiting the release of their much anticipated album, “Where’s The Plot”.
Set to drop in the Summer of 2015, “Where’s The Plot”, showcases the bands already rich history and embodies the groups ethos. Many of the tracks have been part of the groups live repertoire since 2011, when its current members were performing in the groups Azphyryx and Sweet Water. Their ambitions aligned, and with a revitalized core, the members of the two musical projects joined forces in 2014 forming the powerhouse they are today.
​Sweet Plot’s infectious passion never fails to get the crowd moving. It’s danceable funky rhythms and high octane energy are a soul vaccination like none other; just what the Dr. ordered. It’s funky and fresh; it’s got groove and soul; it’s ​straight Barbary Coast Rock n’ Roll. Get ready plottas! Time to plot it up, and head it on down to Tone Town.

Meet the Band

GuitarCole “Dr. Krow” Kromer
Cole “Dr. Krow” Kromer is the band’s frontman. His ancestors hailed from the the swampland’s of the South before moving out West to the Barbary Coast. He’s a mean lead singer with a guitar tone that’ll take you down to Bourbon Street. His cascading licks are equally as impressive as his ability to sit in the pocket and blend perfectly in any style
BassDan “Miami Floss” Beckerman
Dan “Miami Floss” Beckerman, straight from the 415, is a slick bassist and vocalist who brings funk and soul that’ll take you down to the riverbanks of muscle shoals. His warm tone is sweet like jelly and smooth like butter. Together with Plautz, they form a formidable rhythm and harmony section with a groove so deep it’ll shake your bones.
DrumsDaniel “Billy Joe” Plautz
Daniel “Billy Joe” Plautz is a S.F. native notorious for both his rhythm as well as his soulful vocal melodies. His beats seamlessly fuse Rock, Funk, Hyphy, and Reggae and are guaranteed to make you move. It’s straight beet soup infused with 100% vintage tone sauce. Are you ready to hit the dance floor?
Evan “Q-Stiq” CuellarKeys
Evan “Q-Stiq” Cuellar, the king of keys, hails from the woodlands of Redding, California where he grew up on a farm. His licks remind the listener of his country roots and a time when what you had was the land out back and homegrown corn on the cob for breakfast. Let him slather some sonic butter on your eardrum.
SynthDon The Don Nguyen
Don “The Don” Nguyen, the sultan of synth, grew up in the Haight-Ashbury in the 1960’s during the heyday of San Francisco Rock n’ Roll. His unique outlook on life lends itself to Sweet Plot’s affinity for vintage tone while injecting a healthy dose of modern-day psychedelic swagger back into the mix. The tandem of Don with Q-Stiq cues the creation of a dynamic keyboard section with a relentless groove.